Welcome to FAQ's page

Do you offer a student discount?
Yes and No. Yo! Tours works with many schools and universities and offers huge savings on all tours including customized tours. Although we don\'t offer discounts for individual student travelers many of the sites, museums and main attractions in Greece do. Contact Yo! Tours for further information regarding group and friend discounts.
How much spending money should I allot for each day?
This actually varies from person to person. Usually 60 Euros per-day if you’re booking dorm room accommodations (20-25 Euros).
How far in advance should I book my trip?
This depends on the tour. Some tours you can book last minute, while other tours, such as the Greek Island Hopper, are better if booked in advance. Contact Yo! Tours for further information
I\'m thinking about traveling on my own. Will I meet other solo travelers?
Absolutely! Yo! Tours sees many solo travelers and works closely with hostels, hotels, bars, and restaurants that harbor a good social atmosphere.
What are Yo! Tours Accommodations like?
Depending on the tour Yo! Tours is based on double occupancy and can vary from hostels to four star accommodations. Individuals can be upgraded at almost any time. For savings individuals can also opt for triple occupancy.
Is there an age limit for Yo! Tours?
Yo! Tours prefers that customers be at least eighteen years of age.
How can my family contact me in case of an emergency?
If traveling with a Yo! Tours Representative his/hers company phone number will be offered up in case of emergencies.
Can I change my Departure date?
Changing a date could incur fees. Please Contact Yo! Tours concerning any changes.
What are the cancellation fees if I have to cancel?
Once deposit money has been received a charge of Eur.40 will be imposed for any change / revision.
All cancellation requests must be in writing, and are in effect (24) hours after the date they reach our office. In the event that a booking cancellation is requested after the deposit has been paid, the cancellation fees will be charged according to the following schedule.

From time of booking to 60 days   10% of total price for file expenses
59-31 days   20% of total price
30-15 days   50% of total price
14-08 days   75% of total price
07-00 days & Non Show                100% of total price             

Are prices based on double occupancy?
Yes, most tours conducted by Yo! Tours are based on double occupancy, unless specified. However, individuals can upgrade their accommodation at almost any time, or can request triple occupancy for savings.
Do you offer group discounts?
There are big savings when booking a tour as a group. Contact Yo! Tours for further details.
Are the tour departures guaranteed?
While some tours require a minimum number of people to depart, others do not. A guarantee of departure for multi-day tours are sent out no later than 45 days in advance. If for some reason a tour cannot depart refunds, or comparable packages, are offered. Should such a case occur please contact your Yo! Tours Representative.
Do I need insurance?
Yo! Tours very strongly recommend that you take out comprehensive insurance cover for cancellation, medical expenses, personal accident, personal baggage, money and public liability BEFORE you join a Yo! Tours tour. This should be arranged at the time of payment of the deposit and will, in certain circumstances, cover you against loss of deposit or cancellation fees from the date of confirmation of your booking, as shown in the insurance policy. You also agree to indemnify us against all third-party claims, actions, damages and remedies which may be brought against us in respect of your participation in the holiday.
I have other questions. Who can I contact?
No question is too big or too small for us. We are always willing and able to assist you with all of your quires. For further questions please email the Yo! Tours Team info@yotoursgreece.com